Our Custom Window Well Covers are simply THE BEST

The strongest window well covers on the market, with a lifetime guarantee! The Custom Window Well cover will support over 800lbs, even in sub-zero climates. Built for safety and security; window well covers prevent small animals and children from falling into dangerous, open window wells.  The window well covers are manufactured using the highest quality GE Lexan material with an aluminum rear support bar. 

Double Main support Anodized Aluminum

Each custom Window well cover is supported by extra wide and extra thick aluminum iron cross supports with a double main support that holds up to 800 lbs. of weight.

  • Custom made on site to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Made from the highest quality GE Lexan and aluminum bars.
  • Pebbled finish allows 98% of light while providing privacy.
  • Built to support over 800 lbs.
  • Open window wells can be dangerous to children and pets.
  • Prevent animals and the elements from entering your window well.

Secure Lock System

We use Secure lock system  to provide greater security. Secure lock System which cannot be opened from the outside of the home. A "pull pin" release allows you and your family to quickly remove the window well cover in case of an emergency. Since window wells are a common point of entry for home break-ins, Locks are important consideration on all of your window wells. Our system meets all of the IRC code guidelines.


Custom Window Well Covers

Custom Window Well Covers
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Custom WIndow Well Covers

Custom Window Well Covers By Ge Custom Window Well Covers


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A New Generation of Custom Window Well Covers

Clip On System

We attach Window Well covers using stainless steel tool clips. The heavy duty clips are positioned around the cover and pushed over the lip of the well, this enables the cover to hold tight and not move or shift.


Ge Lexan Plastic

Some Polycarbonate material is virtually unbreakable, but will turn yellow under UV radiation (sunlight & fluorescent lamps). Our Polycarbonate Lexan is  UV  Resistance and will never turn Yellow.

Light Weight
Fire Resistance
Impact Resistance & Unbreakable
UV Resistance

We use the best materials in the fabrication process of your Custom window well covers.

We are a family owned and operated business serving All Chicagoland and Illinois. We have the most unique Custom window well Covers. Our Custom Window Well Covers add instant beauty and value to your home. Our covers are all custom made on site. We make simply the finest Lexan polycarbonate covers in the business.

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